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Hi my name is Brandon Mojica and I'm a brand and packaging designer. I grew up in Chicago and moved to Texas when I was 14. It was here in Texas where I got interested in design. I started off designing advertisements for the youth group I attended at the time. Design interested me more with every ad I made for them and the more tools I found the better my designs became. The youth group wasn't the only source of inspiration I had. All my life I played video games and that was another thing that got me interested in design. As much as I liked playing them, I enjoyed looking at the design behind the game. Gaming is now my main source of my inspiration. I enjoy learning from others and watching tutorials when I'm not gaming. My goal is to one day be a designer for a video game studio or help design an e-sports event. I am looking for a full-time position in an e-sports or branding agency to continue gaining knowledge and get better with my craft.
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