Levolution is an energy drink company for gamers. They target events, stores, and video games to gain hype. Levolution has 5 energy drinks, each a different color, flavor and name. Levolution knows that each gamer has their own tastes and favorite color which is why their is a variety for them to choose from. An energy drink for every gamer.

Brand Typeface

Brand Color Palette

Brand Logo

Brand Packaging and Gear

Gamers always need a break after a round of killing hordes of zombies, racing against the drift king, going into the next chapter, or getting that victory royal. That's what Levolution does, refresh, energize, and level up. They also need nice, comfy apparel for when they decide to lock themselves in their room and get their game on for hours.

In Game Product Placement

Levolution kicks it up a notch by collaborating with big, upcoming, and popular games. Whether its a battle royal, first person shooter, sports, racing game or other categories. Levolution's branding can show up in a game by being on banners, scoreboards, or even getting their own car made in a racing game. Knowing they're an energy drink company, you know that car can shred.



Ofcourse Levolution has to go to the events where the gamers will be, why wouldn't they? In conventions, Levolution will set up a big booth not only to sell merch and drinks but to also hold a small competition so gamers can battle it out to take the BIG prize. Not only does the winner get Levolution gear but a sponsorhip to get that gamer a boost in his/her streaming, Youtube or professional gaming career.

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