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Nomad is a quarterly subscription service for the beginner to intermediate outdoors man/woman. This service sends out packages to your door containing high quality apparel for the outdoors and high end, durable gear and tools to last you many years. 

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Nomad has different sizes of boxes depending on the subscription chosen and equipment that comes inside the box. All the gadgets and gear are useful for many different situations in the outdoors.

First Time Subscription


When adventurers subscribe for the first time they receive NOMAD's guide and metal cup. In the guide it has step by step tutorials on how to create fires, make your own rope, filtering your water, etc. It also teaches and shows you plants, berries and other natural foods you can eat, also things you should look out for. Sometimes when you're traveling in the outdoors you don't have internet to help you with these sort of things. When being in the outdoors you always gotta have a cup to drink your water or coffee so NOMAD provides their own cup that has a protective layer to prevent cracks and high heat when heating up your coffee in the fire. 



In every box you will always receive an item made by NOMAD that is durable and wont give out on you while in the trail. When subscribed for 5 years you receive the NOMAD rank that comes with a pin you can put on you backpack, sweater, hat, wherever you like. Not only would you receive a pin but also a very top notch item that is exclusive to the ones with the rank. Wearing the pin will show others you've been a long time subscriber. Pins have been popular and it will spark the curiosity of others when seen and that curiosity will lead them to NOMAD.



On the website you can check out the different subscriptions to see which one fits your traveling style. You can choose to go with a monthly subscription or a quarterly. There is a subscription for those who travel in good sunny weather and a subscription for those who live or enjoy traveling in a cold climate. All equipment and gear were tested and are guaranteed to help you in different situations.

Social Media


In their Instagram account NOMAD gives the spotlight to popular and experienced outdoors man/woman. Seeing the experience traveler give tips will encourage others to go outside and try it out on their own or even help a fellow travelers do things in a much simpler way. Not only that but also talk about the good things about traveling and spending time outside away from technology, and from time to time show off some gear heading your way. 

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