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Slick Amped Surfing

Slick is a surfing gear company for young surfers who are beginning their journey into surfing or that already have experience. There are plenty of companies that have equipment for surfing of all ages but Slick focuses on young surfers by selling top notch equipment at an affordable price that will fit their need whether its going fast, easy mobility, or slick enough to go through any wave.

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The Young Surf Turf Tournament

The tournament brings young surfers from all over the world to show off their moves and let the world know they're an upcoming professional surfer. Slick sponsors this yearly event as a way to support and challenge the young surfers.

Badges are an important piece needed for any event, especially the judge's badge. These are personalized to each judge by not only having their name but also an image. Each surfer attending the tournament is given a wristband that is waterproof, easy to wear, and strong enough to withstand a powerful wave. Each wristband contains the flag of the surfer's nationality.


The tournament is streamed on all type of electronics. They play highlights of the surfers by showing them in action at the event. It lets the audience know the surfer's stats they got that round, the nationality, and name in a lower third layout. This way countries can cheer on the surfers representing them.

Social Media

Social Media is an important resource to use to let the surfers and audience know upcoming events and new or upcoming gear. Slick allows high profile surfers to take over the account to give tips, tricks, and encouragement so the young surfers are confident in their abilities and themselves. Slick switches it up every week so surfers can check them out and learn something new every time they visit the profile.