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Soziety is an antiperspirant/deodorant company that is targeted towards middle and high school students.  The brand is inspired by graffiti and skateboarding, creating an urban vibe. Middle and high schoolers enjoy being their own person and rebel against the norm by tagging bathroom stalls, listening to punk music, and most time skateboarding. Soziety brings them together creating a community of misfits and outsiders. The brand supports safety on their boards and legal tagging, while also keeping them smelling fresh. Just like rebels, Soziety aims to be different from their competitors, by being true and honest with their consumer, and celebrating not being part of the crowd.

Brand Typefaces

Brand Color Palette



Sozity's website is not only a way to purchase products but also where skaters and graffiti enthusiasts can read forums, tips, tricks, meet professionals sponsored by Soziety, and create an environment where you can interact and hang out with fellow Soziety members. 


Point of Purchase

Every can has a name that is connected to skateboarding or graffiti. The names"FRSHKICK" and "KICKFLIP" are skateboarding tricks and "WILD STYLE" is a term for a type of graffiti style.


Soziety loves "friendly" competition, and their favorite company to invade is "AXE". AXE lies to their consumer by making it seem that just spraying themselves with their product, they magically get abs and attract the ladies. Soziety lets the consumer know that our spray makes you feel fresh and you don't have to change appearance to be happy with who you are.

Social Media

Soziety sponsors graffiti artists and skateboarders to show off their moves and their art form. Both give tips and tricks to their art and skating abilities inspiring others with every post, but always make sure to let the viewer know that they must do this is a safe and legal manner. On their social media they have images and short videos but have longer videos on their Youtube channel giving longer and detailed lessons for both skateboarding and graffiti. In the new Soziety we watch each others back, teach each other new abilities, band together, and raise the new generation.